Roddeloverzicht: Amalia to China, and Gordon (not) to love

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Amalia leaves, perhaps to China, Brad Pitt throws a spanner in the works with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, and Gordon is (not) to love. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

A weekend in Paris, a midweek Antwerp or a whole week on the Veluwe: more exotic, it will be for most Dutch students can not be on camp. Good culture in the world does a teenager well. And the fact is that a week before, of course, too short.

Our future queen, Amalia, grasp that it is a lot more professional. If we have the latest rumors are to be believed she will in 2019 to China. And then not for a silly weekend, midweek or week. Of course not. Amalia is two years on the road.

Her father went to her as a teenager already: he went to study in Wales. Apparently wants to Amalia still a bit further from all the Dutch attention away, and flies so many miles away. According to Private is going to Amalia for the UWC Changshu in China, and she has by her parents the past few weeks already register when they are on a working visit.

An academic year for the now 14-year-old princess would be about 25,000 euro is going to cost you, but there she sits, or ten months for school and she lives on the campus that are “reminiscent of a Chinese village on the water”. In addition, mention the costs of security, but how many guards Amalia at will have is not yet clear.

There, in the distant China will Bella finally have the room to outside the attention of the Dutch press to know themselves, and here and there, maybe even from the band to be able to jump. In conversation with Wilfried de Jong told the king all that he all the way down. “If you don’t know yourself, you can never be a public office to fulfill. You must yourself first by and by get to know. That is what I Amalia also increasingly emphasize. Learn to know yourself. Know your own limits. Go over it, make mistakes.”

Moreover, the Royal House has not yet responded to the alleged studieplek of Amalia. Provisionally, therefore, still nothing.

Bennifer 2.0

In 2005, the world was silent for a moment: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorced. Brad turned out to be in love to become Angelina Jolie during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and his marriage to Jennifer was, after five years a thing of the past. Where Angelina at first was seen as a man guilty of fornication, we could very quickly then really nothing more than Brangelina.

A whole procession of children followed, and in 2014 attended a wedding. The knot, however, was not yet decided whether the first cracks in the marriage were all: your relationship rescue with a party is apparently not the solution.

Brad would son Maddox have beaten, Angelina was furious and there followed a separation with extremely a lot of interest. Meanwhile the rest returned and so it is time for a new chapter in this drama: Jennifer announces this week that they are going to separate from Justin Theroux.

Two years after the wedding ceremony decisions, they also put an end to the relationship to knitting. In good consultation and very friendly, but it still feels very haphazard.

Because shortly after the divorce of Angelina were the first rumors already that Brad Jennifer appjes had sent and that Jennifer never completely get over the loss of Brad is heengekomen. Jen would love to return to her blonde god.

And now there is that separation. Will Bennifer back? We get this year, finally Bennifer 2.0? The world is still waiting for Bennifer 2.0? We wait with bated breath.

(No) real love

Real love, not an illusion. Rarely, sure, but never simply. Martin Morero (Gooische vrouwen) sang it, the text is for everyone, but this week, for Gordon extra painful. His true love was found, however, an illusion. And definitely not sure and also not just.

Gordon announced earlier this week to madly in love to have become at Kevin. He illustrated the romantic text that he was on Facebook took a number of photos of himself with his new flame, and nothing seemed to be true love is still in the way.

Seemed, because, of course, followed immediately after the posting of the photos a huge drama. On Facebook under the images by various people called that Kevin is a fraud and several women and men on the line held.

“I am heavily shocked by the reactions,” says Gordon. “I was the last few months deeply in love with and he me, I thought. I could, after the disappointment that my trouwshow entailed for me and for the viewers, almost not believing that such a person as he is on my path would come.”

Nonsense, said Kevin. There was never any question of a relationship. Gordon spoke against and was by his sister and John van den Heuvel assisted: they had with Kevin television, and old & new is celebrated. That love was real, and this reaction is ridiculous.

Kevin began to sit. He sent through a lawyer, sent a letter to several media that his name and photos removed and dar there, otherwise, a lawsuit would follow. With the same process threatened Kevin to Gordon: the singer would be the verstandshouding completely misunderstood. Gordon would have been found guilty of libel and slander and also harassment.

To a lawsuit it never came. Gordon deleted the messages from Facebook and also from the photos of Kevin and the singer is no evidence to find more. As if that (fake) love has never existed.

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