Presenter Klara has rheumatism

5da61343babdf07ee0d018a0f1e3972b - Presenter Klara has rheumatism

Thursday started a new campaign to rheumatism to bring attention. According to the most recent data, 1 in 5 Belgians ever to do with a rheumatic disease. Klara presenter Heidi Lenaerts (42) got the diagnosis a few years ago. “Actually, my situation is almost as complicated as trying to explain what arthritis is exactly. There are more than 200 different types of rheumatism. The most known are osteoarthritis and arthritis,” she said on VRT radio. “At a certain moment we were on holiday, we had a day well-walked and the next day I could not more steps. After two weeks I went to my doctor. He spoke for the first time about rheumatism, and my first reaction was: “That is something for granny’s, I just turned 40 last”. It starts with from one foot to the other. Then it goes to the knee and elbow. In the meantime, I also have osteoarthritis in my neck and in my shoulder.”

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