Nikolas Cruz (19) confessed to killing Florida

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FORT LAUDERDALE – The nineteen-year-old Nikolas Cruz has known the massacre at his former school in Florida to have done. Cruz has told investigators his crime known, reported local media on the authority of the police.

Cruz has between 100 and 150 times shot in the school building. Seventeen people in the age group of 14 to 49 years have been killed. Thousands of people have Thursday night in a park in Parkland, where the shootings was a vigil held for the victims to remember.

Legal purchase of the rifle

The shooter used a semi-automatic rifle of the type AR-15 that he was a year ago, bought at Sunrise Tactical Support in Coral Springs. The purchase was made to the rules in Florida is perfectly legal. The couple that the shop runs, has their case closed and is in hiding. According to an advisor to them to assist, the couple’s awful that a weapon from their shop in the hands of a maniac has come.

Lawyers who are tasked with the defense of Cruz, pointing to his mental health. The boy was confused when his adoptive mother at the beginning of november after a short illness died. According to defence counsel, Gordon Weeks is Cruz, since then, completely lost. His adoptive father had long ago died. Possible in the opinion of the defense that Cruz is not accountable.

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