New indictment against Scott Baio

266d93efa5ef300eb4be2b958773c820 - New indictment against Scott Baio

Alexander Polinsky supported earlier Nicole Eggert when she was the actor accused of sexually crossing behavior.

After Nicole Eggert, the police stepped in with accusations at the address of Scott Baio, because of abuse, now says a second Charles In Charge-kindster that Baio him as a minor being sexually abused. The Alexander Polinsky, reports Variety.

On Wednesday, do Polinksy his story during a press conference, in which he is assisted by lawyer Lisa Bloom, who is also the defence of Nicole Eggert has taken. Also Eggert will be speaking at the meeting, so late Bloom via Twitter know.

Baio, known for his role as Chachi in Happy Days, denies all allegations. However, he says a sexual relationship with Eggert to have had when she was eighteen, the age at which that is legal in California.

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