Netanyahu is on a visit in the White House

Netanyahu is on a visit in the White House

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on march 5, guest in the White House. That has Friday a senior official of the government-Trump communicated.

The invitation comes at a crucial moment: for example, the possible deposition of ‘Bibi’ in a corruption investigation, the Israeli bombing in Syria, the Israeli quarrel with Lebanon, the issue-Iran and the nuclear agreement and the recent recognition by the U.S. of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, not just Palestinian, but also the international outrage it has provoked.

Netanyahu and Trump met each other last month, was also at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the Swiss Davos. The Israeli prime minister said after their consultation that the ties between the two countries never stronger. ‘Trumps decision about Jerusalem helps the peace process forward, ” she said then.

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