Monique van der Ven: ’Sex? Always say yes’

d34a565de069a0488f7822d41cb8cd93 - Monique van der Ven: ’Sex? Always say yes’

Monique van der Ven will find that people are not such a’big deal’ of sex, ” she says in the Libelle.

The 65-year-old actress feels that women should not complain if the probability of a good lovemaking occurs. “Of those women who say: ‘But I am now trying to read’. If the moment is right, just do it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now: always say yes!”

Now have sex with her also not to take long, if you like her words are to be believed. “Ten minutes later you can get back your book deal. So do you enjoy. If you have the time still pass, it is a thing, and you get into an argument.”

She is already thirty years, together with Edwin de Vries and makes trouble for him to be well groomed and attractive to see, let them know. “By not too much sprawl.”

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