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Monique van de Ven understand whining about sex is not

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Monique van den Ven will find women who complain about sex incomprehensible. What the 65-year-old actress is concerned you need to make time for, even if it is not convenient.

In an interview with Dragonfly speaks to the Doctor Deen, the star, her wonder about her complaining sex as the act arrives.

“Big deal”

Monique finds it incomprehensible that women such a “big deal” of sex: “women who say: ‘But I am now reading…’ (..) If the moment is right, just do it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now: always say yes! Ten minutes later you can get back your book deal. So do you enjoy. If you have the time still pass, it is a thing, and you get into an argument.”

Sex is like eating and drinking

Van de Ven, who in 1973 broke in addition to Rutger Hauer in the taboeloze filmhit Turkish delight, treats physical contact as the first necessity of life: “I see it as eating and drinking – it is part of it. But it is very important. If your sex is released, you are so from each other. Then there is no intimacy anymore and then you have nothing.”

Remain attractive

Itself is Monique for thirty years, together with Edwin de Vries, the author of ‘her’ drama series Dokter Deen. She believes that the matter is that you, as a woman, work on yourself in a relationship: “we expected to see. By attractive to stay. Not too much sprawl. By physically with each other, through intimacy.”.

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