‘Memphis has just little bit of love is needed at Olympique Lyon

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Olympique Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas believes that Memphis Depay Thursday with his fine goal in the 3-1 win heenwedstrijd in your own home against Villarreal in the second round of the Europa League has shown why he is so important for the club.

“He gives this club something we haven’t often seen”, was Aulas after in conversation with several French media full of praise for the Dutch attacker.

Memphis had against Villarreal with a subbing of more than a quarter of an hour, but some of the end position from a metre or thirty devastating hard tap to shoot.

For Aulas came that fantastic hit not come as a surprise, as the 24-year-old Moordrechter recently in the competitieduel with Paris Saint-Germain all agree about the same thing.

When made Memphis there deep in injury time with a delightful poeier in the intersection for that Olympique Lyon the almost undisputed leader in Ligue 1 with a 2-1 defeat of the field is sent.

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