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Max Verstappen: “I have no special targets need to be motivated”

f6854d033ee52695bbfbe7ae693ed37e - Max Verstappen: "I have no special targets need to be motivated"

In a preview to the next season Max Verstappen know that he has no specific goals need to be well-reasoned. It is to say in his nature to always do his best.

The list of achievements of the still but twenty-year-old Dutchman looks pretty impressive, after three seasons in Formula 1 he has already had three Grand Prix to his name. Verstappen for this year no specific goal in mind, he just wants to always do better.

“You try yet anyway always everything as well as possible to do,” said the Dutchman. “I have no specific goals are set for 2018, I see each race as a chance to win. Some races will naturally be better than other but we have to be still behind with the new car.”

Next Monday is the day, then it will be Red Bull its a new car, the RB14, to the world. Verstappen is sure that his new racing car spectacular will look like, but he clearly shows that he is completely not in favour of Halo.

“Halo is very ugly, I’m not looking forward to. However, I hope that the car will look like in general, that he soon will be and that it is a step forward. I also hope that the car at the beginning of the season is good so we don’t start to haunt his designated, as last year,” concludes the Dutch prodigy.

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