Matteo Simoni is Master of Filmfestival Oostende

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Film festival Oostende (FFO) to select each year a Master, as the curator of the festival. This year this honour to actor Matteo Simoni. Simoni follows, as the host of the twelfth edition of FFO, Wim Opbrouck.
Matteo Simoni was selected as one of the ten most promising actors in Europe: he is one of actors and actresses that are currently on the Berlinale to the public are presented as ‘Shooting Star’. Simoni is caught in a row of international film and tv stars such as Rachel Weisz, Carey Mulligan, Alicia Vikander and Daniel Craig, who previously were selected for the Shooting Stars. For Belgium were, among others, Jérémie Renier, Matthias Schoenaerts, Kevin Janssens and Martha Canga Antonio in the past, as Shooting Stars will be elected.

Peter Craeymeersch, director of FFO: “Matteo has in the past few years, his versatility and talent as an actor, proven by his performance of Rocco Granata in Marina to this in Patser, all roles he played with an effortless flair. With Matteo, we choose the youngest master in the history of FFO. He is for me one of the figureheads of the emerging talent that Flanders is rich, and that everything mars has to to break through internationally.”

Matteo Simoni: “I find it really interesting that the film Festival Oostende more and more grows and radiates quality. To as the youngest Master ever to be asked is an honour. That is exciting but even more of a challenge. I will do everything for you, with a Hilly smile to welcome.”

Simoni is known for his brilliant interpretation in the movie Marina (2013) Oscar-nominated director Stijn Coninx. In this biopic plays Matteo, the Belgian-Italian Rocco Granata, who with ‘Marina’ is a hit single scored. Matteo learned for this role without an accent speak Italian, and he was therefore justified in a Symbolic nomination for Best Actor.

Matteo Simoni also played one of the lead roles in the hit series Safety First, which is, in 2016, the film in the cinema appeared. For his role as the ‘Rolls received Matteo two years in a row, the Flemish television star for Best Actor.
In 2016, he was seen in Jan Eelens comedyreeks Callboys, where weekly 38% of the Flemish viewers tuned in and that was nominated for the International Emmy Awards, 2017. FFO rolled therefore, in 2016, all of the red carpet for Matteo and the other Callboys.
Since the end of January is Matteo to see in Patser, the new film by Adil el Arbi and Bilal Fallah, the directors of Black (2015). The movie made it immediately very good in the rooms. In the first five days went 82.000 visitors to the film, and in the meantime, the counter is already almost 250.000 visitors. Also in the Netherlands retrieves the movie fantastic figures.
Matteo is currently working on the filming of the drama series The Gang of Jan The Light, a historical fiction series directed by Maarten Moerkerke and D’Ardennes-director Robin Pront, in which he role plays. This series will air this year on tv.

Film festival Oostende promises in 2018 again a complementary program, in which international premium films to be combined with talent of our own soil. Film festival Ostend will take place from 7 t.e.m. September 15, 2018.

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