Life sentence for Turkish journalists

d92b566f2b6173df982c8b35e52a4558 - Life sentence for Turkish journalists

ANKARA – Three prominent Turkish journalists to life imprisonment convicted of support to the failed coup d’état in 2016. Two have according to the court, also, coded messages sent in a talk show on the television that evening for the coup attempt was broadcast. The journalist and economist Mehmet Altan and his brother Ahmet.

The journalist Nazli Ilicak also got a lifetime, just as three medebeklaagden. The six would belong to the “media branch” of the movement of Fethullah Gulen. In the US it living had at his and political rival of president Erdogan was, according to the government behind the coup attempt. The supporters and the organizations of the Gülen mentions that the Turkish justice the Fethullalistische Terrorist Organization.

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