Leonardo DiCaprio says noodklok in Amsterdam

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Leonardo DiCaprio has Thursday night in his speech at the Good Money Gala in Amsterdam yet again warned of climate change. According to the actor, it is important to intervene to catastrophic consequences to occur.

“We see an accumulation of crises that are man-caused,” said Leonardo. “The use of fossil fuels, our air and our water to pollute it. We fish our oceans empty, leaving many species in danger of extinction. By agriculture and the demand for products like palm oil and beef are big pieces of forest and rich grasslands destroyed and the land dead and poisoned. It has all to do with each other.”

Leonardo referred in his speech to the climate deal that two years ago was signed by 195 countries. “Finally, there was a common plan for this global crisis”, says Leonardo. But, according to him, is this “historic” agreement no real solution. “The temperature will rise by more than two degrees. If we allow to destroy we all coral reefs on earth and is the zeewaterpeil with ten metres has risen around the year 2100”, he warned. Also according to the actor 25 percent of the earth’s permanent drought, and there will be hundreds of millions of climate refugees. “It seems to me that not a world we want to live. The thought that future generations have to deal with this apocalyptic scenario is unbearable.”


The foundation of the actor, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, has a driepuntenplan be drafted for this doomsday scenario can be averted. According to Leonardo, is the climate deal than not enough. “To avert disaster, should the earth not more than a degree and a half warm up. We need to have for 2050 are very ambitious points achieve: to fully switch to renewable energy, the half of the natural ecosystems on land and sea to protect and restore and switch to fully renewable agriculture without emissions”, summed he up.

“Because we have a long wait, this is not an easy task”, realized Leonardo. “But it is the reality, we have no other choice.”


The foundation of Leonardo was at the gala will be treated to a cheque for 900,000 euros. The actor was not the only famous artists that the gala will be visited. Also tennis player Rafael Nadal was present. His Rafa Nadal Foundation was able to count at 500,000 euro from the Postcode Lottery.

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