Katja Schuurman speaks voice of “bizarre show”

d8b78cd64adb7f27d7372162a3dab6cd - Katja Schuurman speaks voice of "bizarre show"

Katja Schuurman, Pepijn Avenues of The Youth of Today to form a new tv-duo. They do together the voice-overs of the cultshow Takeshi’s Castle on Comedy Central.

The originally Japanese game show returns on march 22, after nearly ten years back on Comedy Central. This time from Thailand, with 100 new participants who, through absurd obstacles the castle of General Takeshi should be storming, as if they were in a video game, you sit.

“The content of the show is so bizarre. Thus, the participants in almost every round, however, chased by the screaming lunatics of general Takeshi while they are obstacles, such as the classics, the Honeycomb Maze and Mushroom Trip storm’, says Katja Schuurman. “It is of course total nonsense, but I like that a lot of his time.”

When Takeshi’s Castle in 2009 on the Dutch Comedy Central has aired and cared for Ruben van der meer and Ronald van Dam, the voice-overs.

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