Justin Bieber is going to play basketball

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Justin Bieber plays Friday at the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game, the annual basketball game with celebrities. The Sorry singer in Los Angeles Team-the Lakers against the Team Clippers.

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Bieber can play a game of basketball. The 23-year-old was in the 2011 MVP (most valuable player) during the NBA All-Star weekend, scoring eight points, grab a few rebounds and four good assists.

In the Lakers-celebrity team of Bieber games, among others, Michael B. Jordan, Nick Cannon and Drew Scott. Opponent Clippers, a team with, among others, Jamie Foxx, Common, and Orange is the New Black actor Dascha Polanco.

The NBA All Star Weekend is organized by the National Basketball Association. The main championship is on Sunday. In this competition play the best players from the Western Conference against the best of the Eastern conference against each other. Fergie this year will be the American national anthem singing, rock band Barenaked Ladies to take the Canadian national anthem for their account. Comedian Kevin Hart does the presentation of the players and N. E. R. D. occurs in the rest.

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