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Jupiler Pro League – Lokeren risk 2,000 euros for projectiles and anti-Walloon songs

c0621a75ef6067f2640d200040358ec7 - Jupiler Pro League - Lokeren risk 2,000 euros for projectiles and anti-Walloon songs

The office of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) has a total of 2,000 euro fine was claimed as a sanction against Lokeren, which had to defend for supportersincidenten in the ” home against Standard on February 3.

Lokeren was prosecuted on the basis of the reports of referee Alexandre Boucaut and match delegate Fernand Meese. Supporters would assistant referee Florian Lemaire, duly endorsed, after the penalty kick and the yellow card for Terki. Lemaire testified that he was five minutes under fire was taken and at least twice was attacked. The assistant also confirmed that he is the infamous motto “Wallon, c’est du caca”, as described in the report, has heard. “All that took not a long time,” said Lemaire.

Lokeren is contesting the spreekkoren strongly, said security manager is Patrick Custers. “There is no evidence of. Even my colleague from Standard had not heard them.”

Custers added to further the projectiles that are thrown. “It happens in almost all matches in the Jupiler Pro League. We disapprove, but it is difficult to stop. There was at least 1 steward for 50 fans, of which there are more than the bondsreglement required (1 per 300). Football is emotion and goes once in a while accompanied with alcohol. Moreover, there was no impact on the course of the party,” says Custers, who even mentioned that Lokeren are not known for the misconduct of the fans.

A part of the 2,000 euro that the bondsparket progressed comes from a conditional penalty at the end of last year. It was then that Lokeren for € 1,000 delayed for incidents against Anderlecht.

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