Judge: copyright on embedded tweet

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NEW YORK – News sites tweets of embedding can thus infringe on the copyrights on the images to rest. This is a remarkable ruling, a federal judge in the U.s. state of New York on Thursday.

The case was about a photo of American footballspeler Tom Brady. The sportsman was seen with the coach of the Boston Celtics, presumably because he was the basketball team helped with the recruitment of a player. The photo was on the street made by Justin Goldman, who is the image via Snapchat to spread. One of his followers there, put a shot of then on Twitter.

More news sites Time, Breitbart, Vox, Yahoo, and The Boston Globe decided that tweet to embed in a story about the possible transfer of the basketball player. Goldman complained to them accordingly due to the violation of his copyright. The judge ruled that he has a case. By choosing the photo to show up on their website, would the news organizations in its opinion, the rights of Goldman have violated.

Case is still not won

The ruling means, according to The Hollywood Reporter that the Goldman case has won. The judge ruled that the news organizations are not free to argue with the argument that they are just pictures shared already on Twitter were published, and on the server of the socialmediabedrijf are stored. They had that argument put forward to the lawsuit at an early age can end.

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