Jones: ‘robin Van Persie is the Steven Gerrard of Liverpool’

7d71b21ea10e7216e169e4db3f85c7b8 - Jones: 'robin Van Persie is the Steven Gerrard of Liverpool'

Brad Jones welcomes as Robin van Persie Sunday in the base at Feyenoord against Heracles. The goalkeeper thinks the reigning champion, who in the league far is drifting, him desperately.

“It is mainly experience that counts,” said Jones. “We had him already half a year ago in the Champions League, Robin is here the ‘number one’. He has a status that is incredible. We are Dirk Kuyt lost and that experience is not immediately taken care of. There is a guy back in the group to whom young players can get off. He has a great name. In the Netherlands, but also abroad. Such a figure do you need in a young group.”

In the pit

Jones finds Van Persie in the dressing room plays a big role and his presence would in the first half of the season have been good. The Australian goalkeeper: “If the results are good, love an experienced top player like Robin young players with both feet on the ground. If the results are bad, he ensures that they are not in the pit bags. He keeps everyone at his level. What I now see, I can only conclude that he is the Steven Gerrard of the Team. With Gerrard I Liverpool worked. Who played for the club where his heart was. He wore the national team.”

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