JK Rowling gets to wapenfan on Twitter

6d94ba9a6bc8dcdf237f972de5202b22 - JK Rowling gets to wapenfan on Twitter

Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling has Friday on Twitter hard out at wapenfan. This David Burke conducted a ’European friend’ on who it’s weird will find that there is no security guard at the school in Florida was where a gunman two days ago, seventeen people killed. Burke argues that the ’liberals’ after this high school shooting, perhaps, their opposition to armed guards at schools specify.

“Hi David,” writes Rowling. “It takes you to clear trouble your fictional European friend somewhat authentic sound. A real European would say, “we do not have armed guards at schools “because” we have no semi-automatic weapons to children to sell.” Or perhaps, even simpler: “use me not as an argument for even more guns, Dave.”

The British writer is not the first celebrity to its horror over the shooting incident. Also Ellen de Generes, Josh Gad, Gloria Estefan, and Will & Grace ” star Erick McCormack were already very critical of the wapengebruik in the US and the increasing number of shootings.

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