Jimmy Kimmel makes emotional appeal to president Trump

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Jimmy Kimmel, in an emotional speech during the opening of his talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live responded to the shooting at a school in Florida. Kimmel calls the American president Donald Trump on to do more than to pray for the victims and their next of kin. Kimmel hopes that Trump and his Republican friends the American wapenwetten change to do something about the gun violence in the United States.

With voice trembling, told Jimmy Kimmel about the shooting in Florida where the former student Nikolas Cruz seventeen people shot down. Kimmel said it to agree with the statements of Trump, who let us know that ‘no child, no teacher, danger would be able to walk on an American high school “and that” no parent should fear for their sons and daughters if they have them in the morning to say goodbye with a kiss.’

Kimmel: “agree, and this is what you should do to fix it; tell all your Republican friends in Congress, all of which gezinsmensen that as their community, that we are real laws that do everything possible to get the guns out of the hands of the people who are our children going to shoot. Says on television that they should do that,” said the emotional talkshowhost.

“And don’t you dare to politicians to say that it is now too early to talk about it”, he continued Kimmel. “You said the same after the shootings in Las Vegas and the elementary school Sandy Hook in Newtown. Meanwhile, we have been eight fatal shootings at schools had. Children to be murdered.”

The shooter in Florida was extremely confused and dangerous. He was legally a semi-automatic weapon of the type AR-15 to buy. Kimmel: “Eight out of ten Americans agree that a teenager is not AR-15 should have and certainly not legal. Politicians forget that they work for us, not for the American gun lobby NRA. This time, we are not to have two weeks to pray and then again to proceed to the order of the day.”

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