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“I don’t want to“, who, with her alcohol problem”’

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‘People make in their life of things.’ I feel trepidation about it to begin with, so many years after date, and as many in a row and press, but Tania Van der Sanden took the previously been to, ‘that whole alcoholgegeven’. ‘At a certain moment you think, it is passed. But it never is, I know now. In every interview comes the question: how is it going with you? So I start up there is usually himself.’

Saturday interviews dS Weekblad actress Tania Van der Sanden. For many years she gave the stories and characters of others shape, as if they were on the spot had come up, as if she was. Now she is for the first time as herself on the stage. Or maybe not at all? ‘Only since I’ve learned to be open, I know: everyone has his cross.’ Read this weekend the entire interview, below you will find a taste.

It is also difficult for the program to have a conversation about life and work. What you said: who you are, not who you was.

“You kúnt there is no way around it, and that’s not necessary, I find it no problem. I hope especially to show that you are out of that inferno can hit. Once I heard on the radio a woman to tell that she got in a fight with her husband, she was to go to the toilet went, was there in the Day, All an interview with me, read it and thought: this is the moment, I need to stop doing it. I don’t want to “die with her alcohol problem”, but if one person helps, has this story meaning.’

More than twenty years ago looked at Tania Van der Sanden the monster for the first time in the eyes. She got her addiction under control, went to the AA, and then came her children – two daughters – and she stayed increasingly away. “I thought I knew – quirky, hey. But aftercare is so important. I’m suffering a relapse, am, in 2009, the rehab clinic of Saint-Lucia, Sint-Niklaas included, but also because I left early. Only when the psychiatrist said: you’d better a period of time in psychotherapy, is the first real step. I’m two and a half month residential remained.’

“I have learned that I babbled but sometimes little said. I did not dare to myself to look. In psychotherapy, I have that móéten do. You live there in a group, you’ll be on the things pointed out. Why was I always so nice? Why I wanted everyone to do well, and I forgot myself? Why was I so afraid to ask for help?’

Exactly: why?

“Because that was weak. I found that all I had to can. It is likely that with the past, with what was then – with the best of intentions – is given: that I am strong. While the just of courage testifies to ask for help. That therapy has opened doors which I didn’t know that they lock were.’

“I’ve never drank because I liked. I drank because it makes me rest, gave, courage, gave, because I was tired or just couldn’t sleep – every reason was good. By alcohol, I was able to think more clearly. I chat much, but I am now at least aware of it. (laughs) I like to make jokes, I love the touch in the life, I want my beloved have a good time, but I think in the meantime, also to myself. And I can besides that getetter a real conversation now. Also I used to be hard to laugh: we are going to talk, yes? And that helps, you say?’

“I go every Monday night to the after-care in St. Lucia, an hour with like-minded people – some friends in the meantime. In the beginning I thought: oh guys, I’m not going to my eightieth continue to do so. Now I think: ’t is to hope that I can continue to do so. I need that: a place where I don’t need to explain, where we are all different but one thing to share. And where we meet council can give. Every time there is something which I think: this decent product, I known, what would I have him or her say? In the beginning you think only one thing: I should not, I should not, everyone should, but I don’t.’

You once said that you sometimes feel when a child is treated felt.

“Well, you’re also a bit of a child. Your playmate you will be taken away, and that you can in the beginning, not treaties. It is also very difficult in this society. You can your head not buitensteken, or you see alcohol. But you do get tips for how you, the temptation can work around it.’

“What is the first rayon in the Colruyt? The drink, understand. So I should not have been, hey. I take always the second region, that of the coffee and the chocolate. There are other ways to get from the station to go home than the way I used to always took. And so on. In the beginning I counted on a terrace, I looked around me and knew immediately: there are six pints and two Duvels. There you have to go through. At first you think: I should not have more, later: I do not want more, and I think it’s a punishment that I myself hear say, but now I look even more. But I stay alert: I will my whole life verslavingsgevoelig.”

Saturday gets the actress memories in dS Weekblad: ‘On my graduation I wore a imperméable and shoes of my mother. The result, she has not seen: a blood vessel rupture, patat’.

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