Heartbreaking: man to dine with as wife

CORPUS CHRISTI – A U.s. woman has on Valentine’s day a heart-rending moment captured. In the restaurant where she was eating, she noticed a man quietly crying. Opposite him, a bottle with the ashes of his deceased wife.

Heartbreaking: man to dine with as wife

On the picture of the woman from Texas told is to see that the table was laid for two persons. There is a second glass of white wine on the table and also the valentine’s day cards are not missing. It seems, therefore, that there so someone can come running.

“It seems that this man just Valentine’s day celebrates, but in that beautiful bottle on the table is actually his wife,” writes Chasidy on Facebook. “We see our partner frequently as a matter of course. We forget to give him or her a kiss or ’I love you’ to say. By what I’ve seen, I realize that we not always will have to cuddle with, talk to or to love.”

The post has a lot of people hit, is evident from the responses. The picture is almost a half a million times shared.

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