Gio: “Happy with the support from management”

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Giovanni van Bronckhorst has not asked for it, but the coach of Feyenoord says after a disappointing period in the league are pleased with the support of the new director Jan de Jong.

Who thinks that Feyenoord to do to not be so quick to intervene with disappointing results, and would Also prefer a la Arsene Wenger for many years at the club.

Van Bronckhorst said: “This is my club, I grew up here, flowed from my seventh year at the Feyenoord Academy and I have all the steps gone through as a footballer can do in the top. When I said goodbye as a player, I my energy into getting my trainer and when I see where we are now with the club, I’m very proud of. That is what we have all achieved. This is my second home. However, I understand that you are with each other, yet so much can want (for long term), but you also need short-term performance. I think it would be nice to here long, but I am realistic. It still feels the support from the club very well.”


Van Bronckhorst let the fun in the box of a coach at Feyenoord not to ruin it by the fact that his team only fourth in the rankings, and a big behind leader PSV.

“You must be in the right perspective. I remember that I was head coach of Feyenoord. The club had eight years won no prize. The first supporter I met, shot me in the canteen in a match of my son. That said, ” You’re going to Feyenoord champion.’ From day one, was the pressure there. Of that supporter, but also of everyone in the club. It’s come true. Beautiful. At this time, it won’t be good and that dominant then immediately go to the people. But it gives me energy and a drive to the to return.”

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