France handicapped man 6.4 million pay

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France, 6.4 million euro compensation payment to a man, who since his wrongful arrest severely disabled. That has the European Court of human Rights decided in a published Thursday judgment.

Abdelkader Ghedir was made in november 2004 by security personnel of the French railway company SNCF in a train station in a suburb of Paris were arrested. He was wrongly suspected of having stones at trains thrown. The man fell to the ground and got handcuffs.

The police carried him off, but the man ended up on the same evening still in a coma. He was taken to a hospital, where one heavy brain damage found. Ghedir is now on a wheelchair designated and needs help.

The judges in Strasbourg ruled that the French authorities have no credible arguments offered to establish that the injuries from the arrest date. France has, therefore, article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights violated: a ban on inhuman treatment.

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