FBI by substance: info about Cruz ignored

PARKLAND – The FBI Friday confirmed that it has done nothing with information about Nikolas Cruz, the man who 17 people doodschoot at a school in Florida.

FBI by substance: info about Cruz ignored FBI by substance: info about Cruz ignored 1 / 2

The informer, a friend of Cruz, told about his “gun control, moordwensen, unpredictable behavior, strange messages on social media and the possibility of a shooting at school”, writes the FBI. But: nothing happened.

The operator had the information as a potential danger, it must be designated, and the head office should inform. That was not to be. “We have seen that the protocols are not respected,” writes the FBI on his site.

Cruz told five months ago on Youtube a ’professional school shooter’ to want to be. That information would the FBI have also been given, but that nothing was done.

Cruz was at a young age along with his brother by a family in Long Island (New York) was adopted. His adoptive parents, who are with him to Florida moved, would by now have died and he would reluctantly at a friend of the family residence.

The autistic Cruz would be the last few years are radicalised. Jordan Jereb, the leader of the nationalist ’Republic of Florida’ which is a completely blank Florida pursues, has reported yesterday that Cruz several times has participated in shooting practice in his organisation.

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