’Erland Galjaard should not to SBS’

b1e6af4d4b4c070aaaf3b6457933917f - ’Erland Galjaard should not to SBS’

Since yesterday it became known that Erland Galjaard after 21 years zendergroep RTL is going to leave a hive in Hilversum of the rumors. The husband of WENDY VAN DIJK, tonight in the final of the BATHROOMS, wouldn’t ’sabbatical’ schedule but go to work for SBS6 by JOHN DE MOL.

“Nonsense,” say sources around him, “Erland would be due to a competition clause for the first time, certainly a year, not even mógen change. On that level, it is regulated that, with the knowledge of your current employer, not directly to work for a direct competitor. A restraint of trade clause.”

PRIVATE’s spokesman is convinced that Erland really have little time for their own: “He has the last few years with RONALD MOLENDIJK worked on a career in music. That he wants to continue to develop.”

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