Erik Van Neygen and Sanne celebrated their 28th Valentine’s day

cf8c3dc5f64c39ec2a299ff8659818b3 - Erik Van Neygen and Sanne celebrated their 28th Valentine's day

Erik Van Neygen, now 66 years old and the 45-year-old Sanne celebrated last Wednesday for the 28th time together for Valentine’s day. In 1990 it seemed that the words “too beautiful”, in which they make their breakthrough fourth or prophetic words. Few people believed that this romantic tale, even though by the age difference would be a long last. An extensive and exclusive interview of them this week in the magazine Primo. Erik Van Neygen and Sanne stayed as a couple solid, also in the period that Erik is heavy to deal with health problems. The singer got 9 years ago, our Flemish national day a stroke and this makes sure that Erik is chronic pain on the left side of his body. For Sanne goes to Erik’s health is above all. When Erik, along with Hans de Booij and Roel van Bambost a tour would do, there was reportedly an assistant hired, then clear instructions from Sarah ‘ to her partner not to be very wearying.

On the question of whether there is a sequel coming to Erik & Sanne responds to the singer that the a option is for within two years, when they are thirty years together will be. But, as far as planning ahead is, of course, still not done.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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