Down the road on an adventurous roadtrip with Dieter Coppens

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n the new program Down the road is Dieter Coppens, together with six young adults with Down syndrome, an adventurous challenge: they make a roadtrip through seven countries.

For anyone who is on a journey, this is adventure on an ideal time: all they are at a crossroads in their lives. The six people who with Dieter on their journey, all are looking for friends who know what it’s like to be different. But also for freedom, adventure, love, and new experiences. By going on a trip, want Dieter also get a better idea of what it is to live with Down syndrome.

The group halts in seven countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, and Italy. Each time they go in search of their own limits, they met with local delicacies, and enjoy each other’s company. Seal spotting in the Netherlands, about driving in Germany to a helicopter tour above the Mont Blanc. In each country, the wait for a new experience on them.

This adventurous and emotional rollercoaster shows little sadness and great happiness. Down the road, take the viewers in the uninhibited look at the lives of six companions, that is not a leaf for the mouth.

Pieter – 29 years
Pieter is a smooth, cheerful guest without worries – only to his love life, he dares to ever worry. He is looking for a girlfriend with whom he may be living together. Peter lives independently in the centre of Leuven. Pieter plays drums and keyboard, and loves soccer. He runs Down the road to new lasting friendships with people with a disability.

Lisa – 26 years
Lisa is a cheerful girl that loves to sing and dance. She has a small heart and the journey Down the road is the chance for her to bloom. Her mama and sister mean very much for her. Lisa will also be quite happy for her nephews, Lewis and Mathis. Four days per week working Lisa in a day care center. She wants the world like to show that they can do more than some people think.

Hélène – 21 years
Hélène is quiet but feisty and often surprisingly out of the corner. If she loves opera, eat them like tajine, and she looks like to action movies. Wait is nothing for Hélène, she wants everything to move forward. She is ready to discover the world and for the next step: independent living. With the journey she wants to push the limits and gain new experiences that could help with this. She also wants to show her parents how independent she already is.

Kevin – 33 years
At first sight, is the social Kevin is a tough guy. But this boy from Boutersem has a peperkoeken heart. Kevin is ready for everyone and is almost never angry or sad. Kevin is always in for a good mop, is a big football fan, likes to eat French fries and loves beautiful girls. Kevin likes going out with his friends from Roetsj, but only for people younger than 35 years can join this association. Through this roadtrip can Kevin make new friends, with whom he step, can continue.

Lore – 33 years
Lore is very adventurous, tough, and social. She is immediately the friend of everyone. Lore loves the atmosphere and like the atmosphere with some music. Behind all the tough is also a small heart. Like everyone, she wants to be like a sweetheart and for the group to hear. Lore lives independently guided in Keerbergen. Lore would like a holiday on her custom without parents, but one full of challenges and pioneering activities.

Martijn – 32 years
Martijn lives together with his parents and has been for fifteen years a friend. He is very social and smooth. Just like Lore, Martijn of atmosphere: every morning he sang with a number of Stan van Samang, or Niels Destadsbader. He also keeps a lot of racing and football. Martijn uses this trip to get to stretch his limits and to try new challenges and adventures. It is also a chance to make new friends outside of his everyday surroundings.

Dieter Coppens
Dieter loves to travel and new experiences. He shares more than others. So he drew with his cousin Mathias Coppens from the south pole to the north pole and he goes with his family regularly on adventure travel.
Dieter is a real outdoor, and family man. That makes him the perfect leader of this enthusiastic group. Together with the guide Griet guides his companions through seven countries.

Episode 1
In the first episode, the group is on a roadtrip to leave. The first stop is the town of Veere in the Dutch province of Zeeland. On the program are team-building activities and a boat trip.

Episode 2
Today moved the group from the Netherlands to Germany. Here is an adventurous dropping on the program. The group is getting closer and there are even couples formed…

Down the road: as from Wednesday 28 February to 20.40 hours on One.

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