Don Diablo has toured through Europe for the FIGHT

d01611dfa6755e40dc2ab82829d7d18c - Don Diablo has toured through Europe for the FIGHT

Don Diablo saves for his European tourneede joined hands with the DUTCH Cancer society. The proceeds of the tour will donate the Dutch producer and dj at the DUTCH cancer foundation.

Don Diablo in this way, not only contribute to cancer treatment, but also to do something for fans with a small wallet. “I regularly get messages from my fans which, due to their financial situation, no tickets for my concerts. I wanted therefore, this shows everyone should be given a chance by the ticket price low to keep.”

The FIGHT is him to the heart. “Because of the battle with cancer of my deceased father.” Don Diablo is an ambassador of the FIGHT and says more artists to want to inspire to do the same.

Don Diablo will start his tour on march 7 in Stockholm. After a number of performances in Sweden and Iceland is Don Diablo on 9 march in Amsterdam. Then he’s still going to Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Denmark, Great Britain and Croatia on 1 april, the tour to end in Slovenia.

The concerts take place on smaller sites. Tickets for A Better Future Tour costs 10 euro.

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