Dogs eat owner on

ROUVRAY – A single 60-year-old woman from the French-Rouvray turns out to be eaten by her six Malinois. That report various French media Friday.

Dogs eat owner on

The police found Tuesday, only a human skull and some bones when they the apartment of the woman entered. The agents came down on a message from local residents who said that they, the woman and her dogs already three weeks had not seen. Also answered they have no calls.

When the agents the door opened, they found five hungry dogs. The sixth was probably also eaten. The French forensic institute will be autopsy on the skull do, but it will be difficult to set the date and cause of death of the woman to determine. It is as yet unclear whether the dogs were, that the 60-year-old have killed or that they died before they by her animals was eaten. The woman was sick.

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