Desmond Tutu gives job as an Oxfam ambassador

d1206127782571943188589c9a5febcf - Desmond Tutu gives job as an Oxfam ambassador

The South African former archbishop Desmond Tutu keeps his role as ambassador for British ngo Oxfam, for viewed.

As a result of the scandal around seksfeestjes of employees of Oxfam has announced the winner of the nobel prize for Peace Thursday, his ambassadorial role to lay down. In a communiqué said Tutu shocked by the immorality and the possible criminal behavior of humanitarian workers.


Oxfam Great Britain came last week in the eye of a storm when it became known that workers of the organization in Haiti and Chad paid to have sex with local prostitutes. The landendirecteur of Oxfam Great Britain in Haiti was a Belgian, but at Oxfam Belgium was the not known man.

The still-expanding scandal threatens the image of the ngo gets to attack. In Great Britain decided more than 1.270 donors to stop their financial support. In Belgium, there are already more than two hundred donors dropped out. Desmond Tutu is not the first well-known figure who for viewed. Earlier, the British Hollywood actress Minnie Driver announced that they are no longer as Oxfam ambassador will occur.

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