Comeback beckons for Assaidi

91152956cca828ce3e30e86075d5809f - Comeback beckons for Assaidi

FC Twente coach Gertjan Verbeek is hopeful about the employability of Oussama Assaidi Sunday in the degradatiekraker against Sparta Rotterdam. Assaidi has this week, the training resumes, after two games missed due to knee injuries.

,,Assaidi has carefully tried today. We will tomorrow see how the response is and make a decision whether or not he can play. It was the first time that he is fully back with the group has been training for,” said Verbeek.

If Assaidi can play, he will place in the basiself again taking. There cleans Verbeek, anyway, a place for Fredrik Jensen, who last week against Ajax was missing through illness. The return of Assaidi, and Jensen is at the expense of Adnane Tighadouini and Danny Holla.

Cristian Cuevas

Cristian Cuevas is available again after a suspension of one duel. Verbeek is still in the middle of the Chileen choose left in the defense, or for Michael, Maria, who last week against Ajax, a very creditable debut for FC Twente. ,,I’ll still sleep on it. Tomorrow I’ll look what we’ll do.”

Verbeek may at Sparta do not have the injured Stefan Thesker, Dylan George and Mounir El Hamdaoui. If the recovery of the experienced striker continues to expire, there is a chance that El Hamdaoui about two weeks with the home match against FC Groningen of the party. He works hard on his recovery. He is not yet so far that he can join in with the group, but he works out an individual program. For hamstring injury, you better a week too late than a day early.”

Verbeek has not the impression, that his team is weighed down under the strain for the crucial game. ,,I found them this morning even suffer from under-voltage, because they are not sharp. The first party game that we played, I found very mediocre. After a pause and a change of system at the opponent went a bit better.”

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