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Club Brugge clears the racism is not good, but “individual cases”

08720beb74db0e54df1b39cf181e726a - Club Brugge clears the racism is not good, but “individual cases”

Club Brugge had Friday afternoon, for the complaints board of Appeal of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) going to answer for the behaviour of its supporters during the game on February 4 against Sporting Charleroi (3-3). Blue-black, strongly condemns the racist spreekkoren. “But without the problem want to minimize, it is about individual cases,” said defence counsel, Hannes D’Hope in the seat.

There is Club Brugge three things charged. On the one hand, there was the fan who managed the field to enter. The Bondsparket concludes that the “organization of Club Brugge left much to be desired”. Also, there would be projectiles thrown. Club Brugge had for both elements, however, not an argument prepared, because the Bondsparket the club not on the height would have made of the reasons for the convocation. “We should still not go figure out for which we are persecuted?”, asked lawyer Walter Van Steenbrugge. “We are at risk of a very severe sanction, but we don’t know that we have come to justify. That are infringements of the principle of legality and on the European convention for the protection of Human Rights.”

Club Brugge suspected that the spreekkoren, which the media massively reported, to the subject of persecution could include and did just it. “Club Brugge is actually prosecuted for the actions of third parties. The Match Delegate called the behaviour of our supporters ‘excellent’. It is clear to a very small number of supporters,” comments Van Steenbrugge. “In addition, cross Nganga his tongue out to the fans. That had actually his second yellow card. That I would like to referee Wim Smet submitted, but he is, unfortunately, not present. The player in question is not sanctioned, but Club Brugge are risking a heavy fine and damaged reputation.”

“It is an isolated action and the club immediately went in search of the perpetrators”, says Van Steenbrugge yet. According to the lawyers of blue-black would be the go to two groups of each four-man. Supporters who were in the vicinity were of that individuals have via e-mail testified about the men that opinion made and a monkey beach. In combination with the camera images, urges Club Brugge to the men on to them afterwards through the burgerrechter out of the stadium to ward off, explains master D’Hope. “Club Brugge is a pioneer with regard to diversity. Our operation is there European to be honoured”, says D’Hope, that the examples mentioned are of the preventive operation of the Club. “We want this incident is not under the mat slide, but we are convinced that the supporter of Club Brugge is not racist.”

The Bondsparket progressed, a fine of 5,000 euros and a partial closure of the stadium, albeit with a delay. “That can be a dangerous precedent for supporters of evil will. In addition, sentence you to 5,000 supporters for the actions of 20”, decided to Steenbrugge.

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