Brace and ex-girlfriend victims of ” utterly deranged woman’

91b5dd69bcbe0a95f5f564fbb06c65c5 - Brace and ex-girlfriend victims of " utterly deranged woman’

After the message came up that the car of Brace, his ex-girlfriend Isabella last night burned to the ground, it appears that also in the neighborhood of her house demolitions are done. The management of Brace, the rapper discussed this and his response recorded.

It turns out that rapper Brace may be a victim of a woman with ’psychotic tendencies’. “I say so”, the manager of the rapper, “who in the neighborhood would live, who would have the same bad luck.”

Not only of the car of his ex Isabella is a little more about after that last night burned to the ground, to her house in the near are hefty damage inflicted. Windows are smashed, a car is damaged, and there was junk on the street. This is said to have started with a neighbourly dispute, by a woman who, according to local residents ’confused’. This woman would now be held.


The police in the Middle of the Netherlands confirmed this morning that there was a neighbourly dispute and that there is a woman held. About her condition want to be a spokesperson to say anything. On the spot, said the police with the remark: ’now We are going to look at what is going on with her hand.” However, let the spokesperson know that there were two declaration is done against the woman: once for vandalism and assault, and once only of physical abuse. This is also by the police, further examined. According to them, there is no correlation between the autobrand and the destruction in the house.

Brace will see that it is clearly different. By the mouth of his manager, let him know: “It is a completely deranged woman in the whole neighborhood wreaks havoc.”

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