Bizarre: a student is seventy years later – just like grandpa – in closet for man

8f3c2ca1af269b2f89a88ad427b80777 - Bizarre: a student is seventy years later - just like grandpa - in closet for man

PARKLAND – Carly Novell (17) survived the dramatic shoot-out in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School by hiding in a closet. Now it turns out that her grandfather, seventy years earlier – also verschuilde in a closet for a mass murderer.

Novell tweeted here Thursday. “This is my grandfather. When he was 12 years old, verschuilde he is in a closet, while the rest of his family was killed during the first major massacre in America. Now, almost 70 years later, verschuilde me in a closet for a killer. This kind of thing should not be allowed to repeat. Something needs to change.”

Grandfather Charles Cohen survived the shooting on september 6, 1949. That massacre is considered as the first massacre in the history of America caused by a ’lone wolf’. The parents of Cohen and his grandmother were killed by Howard Unruh during the famous massacre. He started in his neighborhood in Camden suddenly to shoot and killed in addition to thirteen persons. Unruh was until his death in a psychiatric institution and is never a criminal conviction. Soon after his arrest turned out to be the former war veteran suffering from paranoid and schizophrenic delusions and was, therefore, of unsound mind declared.

Nothing has changed

“This continues to happen. It all began in 1949, and in fact is nothing has changed because the law remains the same,” said Merri Novell, mother of Carly at CNN.

Seventeen students were Wednesday shot dead by the 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz. The troubled boy from Florida, who sympathized with white supremacists, could without problem one AR-15 to buy and founded there a massacre to the Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland.

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