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Ball throws mysterious on in the penalty Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo put the turning point for Real Madrid in the Champions League. The Portuguese superstar scored against PSG on the stroke of peace to the 1-1 from the spot. But the penalty from Cristiano Ronaldo was quickly like wildfire, shared on social media. Because guess what: the ball bounces just before Ronaldo goes stairs mysterious.

The statement seems logical: when the Portuguese superstar are stand next to the ball, the penalty spot to the top and it springs also the ball slightly. A stupid accident? Or is there more to it?

Ex-teammate Rio Ferdinand, Ronaldo still has for Manchester United, vowed to the English BT Sport that it is a conscious technique of CR7. “He did that in Manchester, sometimes even at the training’, she told. ‘That he did then, when we but what to actually fiddle… I do not dare to say whether he really deliberately wanted to do in this match, but it is really so that he was on training. I swear to you, though it sounds crazy.’

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