AVROTROS comes with drone film festival

02b6586155836f491bf4bb788e9c8ce5 - AVROTROS comes with drone film festival

AVROTROS zeroes in on the popularity of drones in the film and television world. The broadcaster is organising a film festival and a competition for drone videos. For the International Drone Festival InAir.Amsterdam is an international onlinecompetitie started for videos with a remote-controlled device.

Participants can be short films to submit in the categories of news and documentaries, sports, architecture, landscape and fiction. Everyone from the Netherlands and the rest of the world his work may contribute. A jury, among others consisting of director Tim Oliehoek, director of the Dutch film Academy, Bart Römer and presenter of the NOS Journaal Simone Restoration, choose from all the entries per category to be a winner.

The competition is already open, creators can to 18 april their work to submit. InAir.Amsterdam is on 2 may in VondelCS in Amsterdam.

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