Amsterdam, as in spell of Leonardo DiCaprio

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All eyes were Thursday night in Amsterdam a short time focused on world star Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor was in the city at the invitation of the Postcode Lottery’s annual Good Money Gala. For the door of the Carré Theatre, where the gala took place, were the fans of rows thick, and flashed the cameras willingly, and also the present CELEBRITIES were curious.

“Of course I look for his coming from”, said Marco Borsato, just like many other BN’advance soon a meeting with Leonardo. “I have him just yet given a hand and we are with him on the photo. A particularly charming man,” says the singer. Marco was there two years ago when George Clooney make an appearance on the gala. “Of his speech, I was impressed, so I hope I do again tonight.”

Humberto Tan seized the opportunity to Leonardo to compliment his documentary about climate change: Before The Flood. “I said to him: I love the movie. He said: which one? The documentary about the climate! He thought I was a different film referred to”, laughed the talkshowhost on the red carpet. The meeting lasted, according to him, only briefly. “I had much rather be at the table want to have at Late Night. That was the last time with George Clooney, but he does not press so then keep it on.”

Smoke good

“Or I there to watch? What do you think”, said Waldemar ‘ with a grin. “I have some film to look and I liked his speech at the UN very inspiring,” says the actor. “We are all here because we want the good things in the world happen through commercial money is not easy to achieve. It is, of course, laugh that Leonardo DiCaprio that than to do it, so is that then also called again.”

Nicolette van Dam also had her moment with Leonardo caught. “Well my eyes are also focused on our Leo tonight. I’ve already seen, he smelled very good,” she said. “I found him nice, he was quiet. I think he’s still a bit to do but that’s okay.”

Short poseersessie

Also, Lieke van Lexmond was under the impression of the world star. “I find him very fun. He is a lovely and fun man. He has a wonderful story, he does a lot for the world and I think he is an amazing inspiration for many. So I think it’s too crazy for him to have met and to know him better.”

Himself held Leonardo’s mouth on the red carpet. After a short poseersessie and a wave to the fans he left quickly to prepare for his speech. Leonardo speaks at the gala on behalf of his own Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. This foundation is committed to a better climate.

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