Accused actor Jeffrey Tambor fired

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After allegations of sexual misconduct to his address, will Jeffrey Tambor definitely not back in the series Transparent. That has Amazon announced on Thursday. Although the actor himself is already no salvation saw in the works in the series, he reacts angrily to his dismissal.

Jeffrey Tambor calls the research that Amazon did to allegations of sexual misconduct to address ’enormously flawed and biased’. “I am very disappointed in the way Amazon these false accusations has tackled”, he left Thursday night know in a statement to The Wrap. He took it out to the creator of the series, Jill Soloway. “I am even more disappointed in the dishonest way in which Jill Soloway me drop it, as someone who ever his co-cast members to harm.”

Soloway praised earlier in the day, the accusers from Tambor, for whom they “have a lot of admiration and respect,” said to have. She called the allegations of the three women, ” the kind of leadership that we have at this moment in our culture’. That did not go well with the 73-year-old actor. “In the four years that we have worked together on this incredible show, are these accusations never with me to be shared or discussed with me or anyone at Amazon. I can only surmise that the study is hugely flawed and biased by the political mood where our set was plagued.”

’Not true’

In november showed the actor himself already know that he didn’t see how he ever work with the series could pick up after two actresses had been accused of tapped and inappropriate comments. “I have already made it clear that I’m very sorry if my actions, by whom also interpreted as aggressive. But the idea that I intentionally someone would be bothered is simply not true,” said the 73-year-old at the time, against a Deadline.

How the series is now continuing, is not clear. Tambor played the leading role in the show about a family in which the father at a later age disclose transgender. The actor played the role of this Maura, which he deerder including an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a SAG Award.

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