Aaron Paul mentions daughter Story Annabelle

3c6f6d04c460f94cec65194cb6a9b06f - Aaron Paul mentions daughter Story Annabelle

Breaking Bad-actor Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren have their last week born daughter a special name given. The girl hot Story Annabelle.

On the birth certificate of the minor, where The Blast and the hand knew to explain, is also to read that the girl is the last name Paul. Actually, that is not the last name of Aaron, he is fully entitled Aaron Paul Sturtevant, and Aaron Paul as a stage name.

Story is the first child of Paul (38) and his wife. The actor taught his eight year younger wife to know during the festival Coachella. He went on 1 January 2012, on his knees in Paris, on may 26, 2013 were married, Aaron and Lauren in Malibu.

September of last year they made with a photo of the bulbous abdomen of Lauren on Instagram the happy news is announced. “Look what I’ve done”, wrote Paul to the snapshot.

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