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Aalst crashed against Ziraat Bankasi in heenwedstrijd quarter-finals CEV Cup

In his heenwedstrijd of the quarter-finals of the CEV Cup for mannenteams has Aalst Thursday in the Turkish capital, Ankara, with a 3-1 lost to Ziraat Bankasi. The match results were 23-25, 25-19, 25-21 and 25-20.

Aalst had so far a strong European campaign. So it was in the 1/16 finals still powerful against the Dutch Draisma, both in the heenwedstrijd (0-3) if in the second leg (3-0) no single set could win. In the 1/8 finals won Aalst of the Austrian SK Posojilnica (1-3, 3-0).

In Ankara, it seemed that the boys of coach Johan Devoghel their ability to continue. So they wrote the first set behind their name. Ziraat Bankasi, however, came back and won all the subsequent sets. The second leg takes place on Tuesday 27 February in the sports complex Schotte in Erembodegem.

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