50 years Paradiso in Amsterdam Museum

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This year celebrates the pop temple Paradiso to celebrate the 50th anniversary. In addition to many parties in Paradiso itself comes from 30 march also a beautiful exhibition in the Amsterdam Museum. We give you a preview.

Paradiso is probably the most important icon in the contemporary Dutch music history. The past decades have all the great ones of the earth the hall in Amsterdam on the itinerary. In addition to concerts there were also wild celebrations, debates, movie nights and many more events. In total, there were about 20,000 in the last 50 years.

Back in the time

Who again wants to looks and maybe even something from your own youth wants to retrieve and may in the Amsterdam Museum more than 200 photographs from the history of Paradiso. In addition, there are posters of legendary nights, sound clips of outstanding concerts and stories from visitors, artists and employees.

You see the early days with the hippies, the rise of punk, high-profile artists and a lot of famous musicians. Prince to the Singer without a Name and The Rolling Stones to Snoop Dogg. Huub van der Lubbe who, with his band, The Dyke also regularly played in Paradiso, said the audio tour in. The Willem de Ridder, founder of Paradiso) and other staff come to the word.

#Paradi50, 50 years of Paradiso, The Exhibition
30 march – 19 August
Amsterdam Museum
Kalverstraat 92 Amsterdam

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