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16-year-old Bratanovic to Bosnia and France for world cup qualification

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Coach Eddy Casteels gave the selection of the Belgian Lions for the two world cup qualifiers free of next week in Bosnia and France. Sixteen-year-old Bratanovic celebrates its debut and is the youngest Lion ever.

No De Zeeuw (foot), Van Rossom (back/Euroleague), Boukichou, Troisfontaines, and Libert (all three not selected) in the core of the Belgian Lions. These are the five that was there last year at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Istanbul, or in november on the first window of the world cup qualifiers. “Van Rossom and De Zeeuw are injured and I hope in June/July for the last two world cup qualifiers of the first round the duo to recover.

Now Serron and Tabu re-of the party. Together with Salumu,Tumba, Mwema and Gillet, they provide for the experience.” Coach Eddy Casteels draws with a very young core of fourteen players to Bosnia and France. “In addition to Tim Lambrecht (20, Ostend) I also want to see Haris Bratanovic (16, the next Falco Gent), silently in the heart to integrate. We want to be the rejuvenation with also Vanwijn (22), Bako (22) and Akyazili (21) further bets,” said coach Eddy Casteels. Bratanovic with 16 years the youngest Belgian Lion ever. The 2m08 large center has Bosnian roots and a lot of talent. The American Belgian Matt Lojeski is also included in the selection. The forward of Panathinaikos Athens because of a dispute between Euroleague and FIBA does not take office. The door, however, remains a little, and maybe can Lojeski in France still to play. Obasohan (wrist) is uncertain.

The Belgian Lions have opened the world cup qualification round with a loss against France and Russia. The top 3 from this pool of 4 punch through to the second world cup qualifiers. Profit in Bosnia and/or France on the road and qualifying for the second round remains to be discussed. “Especially because the last two games in their own middle are finished,” according to coach Eddy Casteels. Of the 32 European teams after two qualifying rounds 12 posted for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2019 in China. After the Belgian Cats also hope the Lions for the to post for a WK.

Selection Belgian Lions: Akyazili Thomas, Bako Ismael , Bratanovic Haris , Gillet Pierre-Antoine, Kesteloot, Vincent, Lambert Tim, Lasisi Elias, Lojeski, Matt, Mwema Jean-Marc, Obasohan Retin, Salumu Jean, Serron Quentin, Tabu Jonathan , Tumba Kevin, Vanwijn Hans

Balance group E: 1. France 2-4; 2. Russia 2-3; 3. Bosnia 2-3; 4. Belgium 2-2

Already played: Belgium-France 59-70; Russia-Belgium 76-69


22/02/18 Bosnia-Belgium (Sarajevo)

25/02/18 France-Belgium (Nancy)

29/06/18 Belgium-Russia

02/07/18 Belgium-Bosnia

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