Will: Against The Stars On the Temptation to

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On Thursday 15 February At the Stars On the Temptation. Been playing the seduction is at VTM, especially in the infamous ‘Hut’, which this year actor made his debut. The Ostend Kevin (Jonas Van Thielen), which folds out of the confession about his relationship with Meghan (Ilse De Koe), Tim (Chris Van Espen) talks about his feelings for the temptress Zwanetta (Clara Cleymans) and let then know that they Tim not always understand. Also the host of Annelien Coorevits (Clara Cleymans) air and her heart in the hut…

Not much later search also Hilde Van Mieghem (Jonas Van Geel) and Queen Mathilde (Nathalie Meskens) the shack for a few confidences. Mathilde (Nathalie Meskens) also has a message of general benefit for the viewers, on cyber-bullying.

In Blind Married submit relationship-expert Sybille (Tine embrechts has been) the participants to a barrage of questions to get them to understand, and, ultimately, the right matches to form.

And on the occasion of Valentine’s day, is the relationship between Radja Nainggolan (Ivan Pecnik) and Roberto Martinez (Guga Baúl) in a love story transformed. Completely in the style of the better romcom.

Against The Stars On Thursday at 20.35 on VTM.

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