‘Wilders does press charges against prime minister Rutte at the wrong counter’

c03275c62a3a7d2eb81aa4ef56bfab92 - ‘Wilders does press charges against prime minister Rutte at the wrong counter’

The Dutch Public prosecution service (OM) has the complaint of Geert Wilders (PVV) against prime minister Mark Rutte (VVD) for discrimination dropped. Rutte has nothing criminal in doing this, according TO, and in addition, the authority does not have jurisdiction.

The Dutch PVV-leader Geert Wilders did press charges against Mark Rutte as prime minister the ‘ordinary Dutchman’ would discriminate, for example as asylum seekers have no health insurance have to pay, and foreign investors would be preferential. Wilders called it “criminal behavior”.

According to the ORDER, there is no question of criminal offences. Furthermore, the fact that Wilders with his declaration to the wrong window, because it is not at all authorized to ambtsmisdrijven of members of the government to prosecute.

Only the Second Chamber or the government can the attorney-general at the High Council to order members of the government to sue for ambtsmisdrijven. The declaration, therefore, is dismissed and there will be no prosecution.

Wilders, already know that he is not with the decision TO put down and a so-called Article 12 procedure is considering to direct prosecutions to enforce in a court of law. But because it does not have the jurisdiction to prosecute, the proceedings have no chance of success.

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