Violence in Afghanistan requires a lot of victims

864941933c1bd097851c69dd0303bca8 - Violence in Afghanistan requires a lot of victims

KABUL – In Afghanistan during the past year, almost 3500 citizens by violence to the life to come. More than 7000 civilians were injured, according to figures from the United Nations.

Bombings by islamic militants demanded the most victims, followed by bombings by the American army.

The heaviest attack was in may in the capital, Kabul, when a terrorist with a truck full of explosives to blast brought. It fell 92 civilian casualties, and almost 500 wounded.

The American president Donald Trump introduced shortly after assuming office in January last year, a more aggressive approach to terrorists in the country. In their turn, reacted it with heavier attacks. Only in the last weeks fell, while more than 150 dead.

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