’Turkey will journalist Yücel quick release’

c931eddb75936afae88e6ba1b3c6f7c6 - ’Turkey will journalist Yücel quick release’

LINE – The German-Turkish correspondent Deniz Yücel will soon be released from Turkish captivity. Think that buitenlandwoordvoerder Niels Annen of the social democratic SPD. The German chancellor Angela Merkel last Thursday, a meeting with the Turkish prime minister Binali Yildirim in Berlin.

According to Annen has Yildirim the last time positive signals on the release of the journalist: “The Turks seem to realize that as long as there are Germans gevangenzitten in Turkey, it is not possible to talk about normalization of relations between the two countries.”

Yücel is already more than a year in captivity in Turkey. The Turkish president Erdogan had Yücel publicly accused of being a terrorist and a spy. According to Erdogan made the journalist abuse of the ’freedom of speech’ of Turkey. In addition, he has by “misinformation and manipulative messages to try the brotherhood of our people and the integrity of our state to destroy,” said Erdogan.

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