Trump: ‘No child should feel unsafe in American school’

The American president Donald Trump said his country is in a televisieboodschap, after the shooting at a high school in Florida where Wednesday, seventeen people were killed.

‘Today I speak of a nation in mourning.” So began the president in the eve of his speech. A school with innocent children and teachers has become the victim of violence.’

Trump underlined the togetherness in the US. “We are one big American family, your pain is our pain. Today, mourn we for everyone that lost his life, and we help each other in grief. No student or teacher would be unsafe to feel in an American school.’

He thanked the police, social workers and teachers, who quickly responded. He then turned directly to the children in America. ‘You are never alone, there are always people who have to give you. Find for problems help with a loved one, a teacher or a policeman.’


‘Family ties are stronger than hate’

Trump is preparing a visit to Parkland, Florida. “We will assist in every way possible.’ He will have conversations with various decision-makers. “We need to take measures that our country really safer, not just safer do feel it.” Trump also wants to be ‘the difficult subject of mental health’ to raise.

The president concluded with a message of peace. “Our family ties are stronger than hate. We pray for peace, and come together as one nation. We wipe our tears away, and strive for a better future.’

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