Tonight Ex-Gangster on FOUR

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“I was nine years old. We had a lassiehond at home. One day we were in the morning and there were small lassietjes born. That was heaven for us. After school, I have never been so hard to house cycled as then, to those dogs to see. But they were nowhere to be found. Mama, where are the dogs? Daddy has that stuck into the ground.”

He is not to the funeral of his father. Laurette Onkelinx did not allow. It would – say – the biggest schram on his soul. The relationship with his parents his entire life murky and difficult to understand. Ex-Gangster goes with Danny back in time. About his childhood, his youth, his upbringing, his first collision with the court and the ‘promise’ that he himself then made.

But also to 30 december 1988. Because one day, it completely wrong. The robbery in the Walloon Berloz failed. Danny and Eric Stiers end up in prison. Danny says the Ex-Gangster for the first time, how he, Eric false statements pass to Jozef Peeters, in 2010, commited suicide, to get free. About how he was responsible for Eric Stiers are almost cartoonish escape, and how he was the day before his process the entire file from the court house barn and opbrandde in the fireplace.

But also how the plan began to sprout, to ‘a kidnapping to try’. And the secretary mistaken for the daughter of Leon Melchior names.

Ex-Gangster, Thursday to 21u35 on FOUR.

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