This is the face of a true hero

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PARKLAND – Aaron Feis should a hero be called. The American Football coach of the Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland jump when Nikolas Cruz (19) opened fire – for some of the students to the bullets to catch. He saved life of several students, but died himself of his wounds.

This has MS Douglas Football let us know on Twitter. “To our great grief we must announce that Aaron Feis has died. He was our assistant Football coach and also our security guard. His selfless act to get the students to protect against the shooter, has cost him his life. He died as a hero and will forever be in our hearts and memories remain.”

In the shooting in Parkland, in the state of Florida were seventeen people were killed. Meanwhile, the names of the first victims known. It comes to atletiekcoach Chris Hixon (49). The rouwbetuigingen flows within. “Chris did so much for the school. It is terrible what has happened. It is so pointless,” was the under more.

Also student Jaime Guttenburg is to the life, as have her parents, Fred and Jennifer Guttenberg to local media confirmed. Their son, Jesse knew to escape.

Defendant Cruz was, according to the police previously been expelled from school. The reason for this is not published. Old-classmate Chad Williams (18), remembered that Cruz used repeatedly, the fire alarm did go off. “He was crazy about firearms,” said Williams about the alleged shooter, who according to him, “little friends” during his school days. “He was a kind of outsider.”

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