These entertainment programs on NPO of the tube?

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These entertainment programs on NPO of the tube?

Caroline Tensens A at 100 is in danger Photo: REUTERS

There are going to be heads rolling at the NPO. By the new media law will have a number of programs may be of the tube.

It is going to be A 100, Bed & Breakfast and the Farmer wants a Wife-specials, know The Telegraph. Understand these shows get tricky, because they have little hard-to-reach viewers know to pull.

The ministry of Education, Culture and Science has compiled a list as a result of the new media law. By the adoption of this law, in 2016, there are strict rules for entertainment programs of the NPO.

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Entertainment programs of the public call must be sufficiently difficult to reach audience. Flat entertainment should only continue if viewers stick around for other programs that have an educational or informative character.

Black list

This seems to be at A at 100 and Bed & Breakfast does not have to succeed. Popular shows like Farmer wants a Wife (with the exception of the specials), all of Holland Bakes and Who Is The Mole? if that is so. Therefore, they would be allowed to remain.

The ‘black list’ serves as a trial, ” says a spokesperson of the public broadcaster against The Telegraph. Programs that do not pass the test will be allowed a second chance. “Only when a title two seasons in a row does not meet the framework requirements, it disappeared from the tube.”

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